Options of garden paths in a suburban site

Most often, not large concrete slabs are used for garden paths on the street, which have a wide variety of shapes and paints. These plates (as well as the main part of other materials for paths) is laid on the sand pillow. The use of a sand pillow is one of the most inexpensive ways of laying tracks.

Concrete slabs allow you to perfectly adapt them to completely any style and design of the site, as well as easily carry out combinations with other materials.

There is another good way to build paths is the use of a concrete monolith. It is this coating of paths that is good for good strength. You can decorate the monolithic path made of concrete using colored pebbles or pieces of different glass lights. Such a track device is very simple.

It is necessary to make sandy preparation, make the paths of the path of the path and pour it all with concrete with a thickness of not more than 7-10 cm. But when the concrete begins to grasp, you can successfully press various colored pebbles or glass into it.

Good for laying paths and slabs made of natural stone, which are also laid on a pre -prepared sand pillow. In addition to slab stone, the so -called paving stones are also known.

This material is the most expensive, but its high cost is compensated by sophistication and sophistication. The paving stones are also placed in sand preparation, but during the masonry you need to maintain a certain angle in the transverse direction to ensure water drainage. The slope should be approximately 2-3 cm per meter.

It must be noted that the most economical way to perform the path is to apply ready -made concrete slabs.

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