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Oriental style interior ideas

In the event that to create an interior in your country house and apartment you chose the oriental style, you will come in handy fresh and very original ideas. The options proposed by experts – for example, with bamboo stems of the suspended ceiling, can be perfect for the decoration and design of canteens, verandas, as well as terraces. Some elements in interior design can be safely used in living rooms.

If the ceiling area is relatively large, for the device of the original frame you will need large dumbfounds (or beams), as well as wooden beams. But in rooms with a small area – corridors or verandas, you will have only one timber. The beam can be made of 4 wooden boards, and then it will be much cheaper in price and easier in weight.

If you decide to implement an economical option, you can limit yourself to only polyurethane beams that imitate a natural tree. A beam with beams must be installed around the entire perimeter of the room at a certain distance from the ceiling. This distance will subsequently depend on the diameters of the bamboo stems you have chosen.

The beams are fixed to the wall with the help of a bar (supporting table). In another version, two holes are made using opposite walls. The depth of one of them should be slightly larger than the depth of the other. This is necessary so that you can easily install the beam.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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