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Pancake-panel cottages

Pancake-panel cottages-it is always very convenient, beautiful and very profitable! Let’s tell you about these cottages.

Anyone in life has a moment when you want to get a new car, go to a new job or change housing. Some want to change the apartment, buy more spacious, and someone just does not like the view of the city square. And there is such a category of citizens who would like to leave to live out of town. They want to live among nature, and not in the middle of an dusty city.

And it should be noted here that such people have 2 exits – to purchase a house or build it. What to choose if there are large expenses on the one hand, and on the other, conducting the next few years on the construction site? We have an answer for you-frame-panel cottages will solve all your problems with suburban housing! In such cottages you will never have problems with heat, with construction, with living in the winter, etc. D. And you still do not know how much these miracles are worth!

Using SIP panels

It is worth immediately dealing with the technology of the construction of modern frame-panel cottages. Today in such a large country as Russia, frame-panel cottages are considered completely new, modern and very profitable buildings. But in fact, the technology itself has been building for 30 years already for 30 years in Sweden, Canada, Finland. These houses are great for construction in countries with cold weather. In the USSR, technology was used in the construction of houses behind the Arctic Circle, but only recently it began to be used in the construction of standard residential buildings.

Pancake-panel houses and cottages are built from a durable frame, which is made of wood that has passed special processing. Of SIP panels-slabs that consist of woody plates located on both sides and having a special insulation inside. Polostyrol is used as a heater.

First, the cottage frame is made and only then it is mounted on the customer section. In general, the technology of building it is comparable to the designer. The details are simply fastened with each other with self -tapping screws and nails. Here, by the way, no solutions are used, t. e. You do not need to wait for the shrink of the cottage design. Note that we are engaged in the construction of frame-panel cottages even in winter, since weather conditions do not have any influence on their construction. It is carried out very quickly – less than 2 passes from the beginning to the end. 5 months.

Pancake-panel cottages perfectly retain heat-they are never cold in them!

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