Pool cladding tiles

Pool cladding with tiles requires special attentiveness and special knowledge. An attractive look and an uninterruptedly functioning pool gives colorfulness as mansions. SPA, and sports premises, so it should be built extremely high quality. One of the important aspects in the construction of the pools is its cladding tile. A poorly lined pool can cause major problems for users and bring additional costs to the owners.

Nobody wants to be injured when visiting the pool or discover that water seeps through the gaps into the basement. First of all, the concrete structure of the pool should be quite durable and rigid. The concrete pouring of the pool should be maintained for at least 3 months. It is advisable to wait even 6 months so that the residual pressure of concrete and humidity reaches stability. Before making waterproofing, the surface should be cleaned with a suitable method from dust, cement milk and other dirt.

To detect the errors of filling and other construction errors, it is recommended to fill the pool with water for a couple of weeks after pouring and then carry out repair work. If the surfaces are of high quality, then they should be treated to make waterproof, given that the usual waterproofing masses are not suitable for this. Significantly higher requirements are presented to the waterproofing of pools.

Waterproofing work begins with isolation of elastic seams, pipe passages and angles. Corners and deformation seams are glued with a special sealing ribbon. When all the corners and seams are insulated, the next step in the work will be a continuous waterproofing of the pool and surfaces for walking. Cladding can only be done after the waterproofing.

The pool cladding is most effective when using a facing mixture, which has high elasticity and strong adhesion. When laying glass mosaic tiles, it is worth preferring facing mixtures with especially high adhesion and elasticity.

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