Porcelain characteristics

Porcelain tile is one of those materials that recently entered our use. But it seems that the porcelain tile has established itself wonderful, because it has such excellent characteristics that allow you to not return to the repair topic for a very long time.

Some consider porcelain tile to something like ceramic tiles. This is in a sense correctly. Ceramics are produced using two methods: pressing and extrusion. Porcelain stoneware is obtained using the pressing method. Porcelain stoneware has very low moisture absorption-0.04-0.4%.

The composition of this material is very close to the composition of granite. Porcelain tiles of environmentally friendly material, because in its production very high -quality clay, pure quartz sand is used in its production. P.

The most important qualities of porcelain tile are: frost resistance, water absorption, wear resistance, purity, color resistance.

When laying porcelain tile, it is recommended to use adhesive mixtures, and not a cement mortar. For longer operation, you need to perform a concrete screed of the base on which porcelain stoneware will fall. When laying this material, it is best to use the services of qualified specialists.

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