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KNAUF profile is the products of the world -famous German company, which is a leader in the drywall market and components. Products produced by KNAUF have long established themselves with high German quality, long service time and low price. To date, the company produces sheets of drywall, gypsum fiber (GVL), KNAUF profiles made of metal, various types of building mixtures, primers and putty. There is also a wide range of equipment of this company in construction markets.

KNAUF profile is long elements made of metal or aluminum, by cold rolling of the tape. The profiles are used to create reinforcement, which are hung, using special mounts, sheets of drywall or gypsum sheets.   Profiles for drywall are performed either from metal of non -exposed corrosion – aluminum or galvanized steel, which positively affects the service life (calculated service life of more than a hundred years). Aluminum profiles have less weight, milder, they are easy to mount, but withstand a much smaller load than galvanized, we recommend that the poet be used in buildings for which the mass of the structure is critical. For convenience, technological holes for screws are made in galvanized profiles.

Both types of building materials are absolutely harmless to people, and have international security certificates. The use of KNAUF profiles for working with drywall provides reliable fastening for many years, and guarantees the lack of corrosion, rust and loss of physical characteristics of building materials.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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