Protect the doors from hacking

According to experts, there is no door that cannot be hacking. But still it is necessary to increase reliability, our well -being and well -being of loved ones directly depend on this.

The most important task is to reduce the time on the hacking door, since the more time the cracker is needed, the more attention of neighbors or outsiders it can attract.

The front sheet of the door should be at least 1, 5 – 2 millimeters thick, should not have welded seams. In places where locks are located, you can additionally install metal sheets. Best of all, for such a door, locks with crossbars and vertical rods are suitable for such a door. In the door cavity, stiffener ribs must stand, which will not allow to bend the sheet of metal. In order to avoid removing the door from the loops, passive crossbars are installed, they enter the door frame, thereby not allowing it to raise it to the top. It will be almost impossible to open the door of this type with a manual tool.

For more reliable safety, it is worth using the keyhole, cylinder locks are worse to resist mechanical influences, and leval, in turn, master. To protect against mechanical methods of exposure, the lock of the lock is made of durable materials, and the rag of the shank, on the contrary, is softer to prevent coagulation. To protect against the master lines, the manufacturers of leggings make special zabines on the crops and false grooves, in addition, special overlays are installed, which prevent the penetration of the master line into the keyhole.

The last it is worth saying that it is necessary to take measures from unauthorized access to the keys and copying them. If you have suspicions that a copy was removed from the key, then it is necessary to replace the levil group or transcode it, and for the cylinder, notice the cylinder mechanism. In addition, to protect your housing from hacking, purchase entrance doors from trusted manufacturers. Since not high -quality “Chinese” doors are made of raw metal, but there is no problem to open it.

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