Protection machines to protect the wires of a home power grid

Almost all electrical appliances in the house work from voltage either at 220 volts or at 380 volts of alternating current. All the work of home wiring is based on only 3 wires. This is the so -called “phase”, “zero” and “grounding”. All wires are inextricably interconnected and work on the same thing – they give the opportunity to power a home power grid. At the same time, as the electricians themselves say, all wires must be securely isolated from each other. In addition, each of the wires should have no direct contact with anything more, except for its own insulator.

The emergency operation of the power grid is a state or situation when the insulation of some of the above wires is violated. To fully protect a person from shock, a variety of protection devices are used. The most common are the so -called protection machines. In this article we would like to tell you about them.

Why do you need machines for the protection of a home power grid?

These electrical equipment devices are a special designed electromechanical type, which allows us to work normally in normal mode, and prevents the failure of electrical equipment in emergency situations.

In addition, with the help of protection machines, you can quickly turn off and turn on the power grid in the work. If it is even easier, then the protection machine is a certain switch of all electricity in the house, which also protects electrical appliances from failure.

The above devices are designed to protect the elements of the mains from overload and short circuit. If an emergency situation occurs, the device simply turns off the power grid, preventing a violation of its staffing.

If we talk about overloading on the network, then the protection machine is triggered, as they say, “to overheat”. For this, a special heat-type-type-type device is responsible for it. A short circuit prevents an electromagnetic type of work.

In a situation where the permissible load increases in the chain, the so -called network overload occurs. This happens when, for example, several powerful electrical appliances are connected to one outlet at once. At the same time, the cable begins to heat up hard, causing the reaction of the automatic device – the heat supply, which simply turns off the power grid.

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