Put the tiles with our own hands: 8 stages of styling

Make sure that the floor before laying tiles is dry and even. Concrete floors must have a layer of waterproofing and a leveled level.

1. Preparation for styling. In order for the tile laying process to be successful, you need to devote some time to calculate – where each tile will be located. Find the middle of the long wall of the room and draw a line on the floor at the right angle. Next, find the middle of the short wall and do the same operation. Now you got two intersecting features. Remove skirting boards and door jambs.

2. We lay the tiles now place the tile, focusing on two drawn lines. Try to find the best option for their location. Experiment with the placement of lines to fit the maximum number of tiles. Make sure that the tile is not cut off from all sides by the wall – it does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

3. Apply the glue later apply glue to 1 kV. Paul meter in one of the corners of the angles.

4. We lay the tile after you process the right space with glue, begin to lay the tile, focusing on the line. The laying of the tiles continues until the tile “lies” for the entire gap on which you applied glue.

5. Put the tiles on the entire space of the room going from the central point of the room to the walls, try to move, focusing on the drawn lines. After laying the tiles on the first half of the room, proceed to the other. Now wait until the glue dries.

6. We get rid of free openings, now take care of the openings that remain between the tiles and the walls – cut the tiles with the cutter for this. Just don’t forget to think about the distance for the primer.

7. The primer then you need to wait until the glue dries. Apply a primer to the surface of the tile.

8. Pour the gaps between the tiles with a grout solution. Put the solution in the intervals between the tiles. Make sure that he is in every interval. Remove the unnecessary solution with a sponge before it hardens. Process the tile with a rag.

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