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PVC tile for the floor

PVC stamp is a modern floor material that is quite similar in structure to linoleum, but more technically perfect and practical. The material is made of the following layers: special rubber, which is firmly attached to the base; The hardening layer of the glass chuck, which is necessary for the durable operation of the material; The main layer with a shock -absorbing effect; a decorative layer that has similar to natural materials (wood, stone) texture; The protective layer necessary for the normal operation of the decorative layer, preventing it from the effects of moisture, dust and dirt, solar radiation. Now the PVC tile with a lock mount is very popular, which is similar in laying a laminate, and having all the advantages of linoleum. The main advantages of such material are: good operational indicators (strength, wear resistance); moisture resistance (possible use even in the bathroom) and heat resistance; A wide range of selection of textures and drawings; ease and ease of installation; good indicators of heat and noise insulation. The main disadvantages of PVC stamps are: higher price than standard flooring; Unnatural material.

This material requires quite high -quality preparation before laying. The floor under the basis should be very even, t. To. On this material you will immediately see all the flaws of your screed. In principle, this rule is mandatory for all flooring, so we will not add it to the shortcomings. When installing the floor on wooden beams, it is recommended to use an intermediate layer of moisture -resistant dry plywood to align the floor throughout the area. For fastening the flooring dies, it is impossible to use fasteners (nails, glue), it should be free on the basis. Along the perimeter, leave the mounting gaps 0, 5cm-1sm for possible coating deformations. Installation of the PVC stamp itself is no more complicated than the laminate, by installing the groove in the groove of adjacent dies, so its laying on the floor will not cause you significant difficulties, even if you decide to do everything with your own hands.

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