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Recommendations of an expert on laying laminate

Laminate is one of the most popular finishing materials for the floor, which will be explained by the simplicity of its installation, environmental friendliness, a variety of selection of textures and stylistic solutions. Laminate laying – the process is quite simple, however, for its quality execution, it is necessary to observe a number of simple rules, otherwise, you can easily spoil the final result. Our expert draws your attention to some nuances, following which will certainly lead to a qualitative installation of the finish flooring.

I think everyone was witnesses of how the laminate plays under the “foot” – this is the result of a poorly aligned surface of the draft. As a rule, for this, it is most convenient to use self -leveling mixtures, which are a liquid apricteum, which is evenly distributed throughout the floor area with special brushes and in special shoes, as in climbers. For such a leveling coating, there are certain tolerances according to the normalized height changes that you need to adhere, otherwise, you know the result (the permissible estimated height drop of not more than 2 mm).

After the work on aligning the base, it is necessary to unpack the laminate and let it lay down in a horizontal position in the room during the day. By virtue of its structure, the laminate can expand and narrow when the temperature-humidity indicators of the microclimate can change, therefore, so that there are no problems, we recommend that you leave a technological gap in one centimeter between the unified disk of the finish and the walls of the apartment when laying the lamine. Further, at the final stage of finishing work, these gaps can easily be closed with skirting boards.

A mandatory requirement for installation is the laying of the laminate in a checkerboard pattern. This method is applicable to many building materials (masonry materials for walls, flooring, heat -insulation work) and is characterized by increased rigidity of the joints of the laying. In addition, with this method of installation, you will have a minimum of excess material, because one dick of laminate, divided into two parts, can be laid at the beginning and end of the row.

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