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Redevelopment and possible problems

Almost always the typical layout of the room does not suit its owner. And most apartment owners begin to redevelop, wanting to transform the interior, redraw the design and give the room a new style.

But such work should be carried out only with technical justification, because without such a justification, redevelopment can lead to sad consequences. However, some work can still be carried out, especially if you follow the basic rules and aspects of redevelopment of a room.

In other words, if it was required to demolish the partition between the bathroom and the toilet (which is considered to be redeveloped by the apartment), for combining into a single bathroom, then such actions are already considered as amendments to the design of the apartment and are considered redevelopment. A particularly delicate question is the transfer of the bathroom to another place. Changes in this kind cannot be legalized and introduced into the apartment plan. Such actions can lead to legal liability and great fines.

Therefore, before the disassembly and remake of the partitions, it is necessary to especially carefully take into account the load of the walls erected on the existing ceilings. This rule is especially relevant in the buildings of the old building, where the bearing capacity of the entire structure is very weakened by time or, possibly, during construction, the necessary margin of safety was not laid. In such cases, it is best to use the latest materials that have a small specific gravity (for example, light structures made of drywall) for the device.

I would especially like to focus on such an important moment as the manufacture of openings in the supporting walls. The term “supporters” itself already suggests that such walls take on the main load of the building and, therefore, require a very thorough and attentive attitude to themselves.

The main condition for carrying out such work is the preliminary calculation of the existing strength of the entire structure. I would especially like to note that when the opening of the opening, stresses may occur in wall materials, which can lead to significant destruction of the supporting structures of the entire building. Such circumstances include precipitation of the soil under the foundation, the shortcomings made when erecting the building and so on. In such situations, even the slightest weakening can lead to serious emergency situations.

The most characteristic feature will be the appearance of cracks in the walls, small displacements, violation of soundproofing. Try not to face such situations in life, but if this still happened, immediately contact specialists to properly assess the degree of threat to the building.

In general, it should be noted that the responsible work is best entrusted to specialists immediately (if there is no self -confidence). And this applies not only to the redevelopment of the apartment, but also to electrical work.

And in conclusion, the Council: before the start of design work, it is necessary to conduct a serious examination of the apartment and determine the condition of all engineering communications and supporting structures.

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