Removing old paint

Removing old paint, from any surface, I will tell you not pleasant. This process takes a lot of time and effort. What only people did not come up with to make this process more light and pleasant, but, apparently, the explanatory ways to remove the old paint is very small. Some use solvents, some try to burn it with fire, others heat the old paint with an iron, and then tear it off. In any case, this process is not very pleasant.

The washing of the old paint is fast, but unsafe

Let’s start, perhaps, with solvents and washing for old paint based on it. The effect is of course amazing. Using the wash of the old paint, the window window, you can tear off, say, about forty minutes. There is only one huge “but”. In breath of this muck, at best you will get off with severe headaches for several days, at worst this may end with resuscitation. If you do not see another way out for yourself except the washing of the old paint, it is better to get a gas mask (the respirator is little effective), and it is better to move all the work to fresh air. Once I tried to use this muck, after two days of wild headaches, I don’t have such a desire.

This process looks something like this. A bottle of washing the old paint is pre -warmed up in hot water. Then a brush is applied to the surface from which they want to remove the old paint. We are waiting for some time when the old paint begins to wrinkle, take a spatula and remove the softened paint from the surface. I want to note that if the same door that you want to restore (restoration of wooden doors), let’s say 5 times was painted, then each of the five layers, you will have to shoot separately. Such a specificity of this wash.

Construction hairdryer – you will go on quieter

Removing the old paint using a building hairdryer is a bit more troublesome than using the wash of the old paint. But not so harmful to your health. A hairdryer is arranged almost in the same way as the household, with the only difference in their power. Heating the old paint with a hairdryer, if you overheat it, then it may even light up.

In principle, the process of removing the old paint using a construction hairdryer looks just like removing the old paint by washing. Only now the old paint is heated not a chemical compound, but a hairdryer. Heating a small area of ​​the surface, in the same way we clean the old paint with a spatula.

To the place of the hair dryer to remove the old paint, you can use the iron. Only it is not very convenient to work with him. Between the paint and the iron, you will need to lay something like foil or newspapers. In any case, resorting to the help of an iron, be prepared at the end of the work to buy a new.

You can try to remove the old paint with a tape grinding machine. In this case, you will have to stock up on a large amount of sandpaper for it. She seems to be not expensive, but if we take into account a considerable amount of its number, then this way to remove the old paint will fly out into a penny.

In any case, it is much more difficult to clean the painted surface than to varnish a wooden door from scratch. Think well before doing this work. It can be easier to buy new …?

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