Rental of retail space in the subway

Renting of retail space in the subway has long been a fairly common and popular phenomenon among novice entrepreneurs.   It should be noted that this practice of such a device of trading platforms came to our country from the Pacific and European countries, where the metro is an excellent promising trading platform. Currently, in the Russian Metro, you can see many different trading pavilions located at stations and offer their customers the most different products of various categories.

I would like to note that organizing your store in the subway is quite difficult. There are many different aspects and features that require special attention.   It should be noted that it is more profitable to rent a retail space in the subway itself than near the underpass, or near the metro station. The situation is explained by the fact that people going to the transition immediately turn their attention to numerous stalls located in large numbers in transitions than on street outlets, which are mainly lost between high -rise buildings and in a continuous flow of cars. That is why, the shop window should be decorated stylishly and brightly to stand out against the background of dim lighting of the metro stations.

The only one for whom the rental of retail space in the subway will not be beneficial for owners of highly specialized stores, because buyers will not buy household appliances or clothes in the subway. For the most part, people are interested in disposable goods that can be used every day. For example, it will be profitable and profitable in the subway to organize a kiosk with printed materials, or open a book or tobacco store.

Also, when the entrepreneur rents a retail space in the subway, he must remember the correct choice of its location in the general systems of stations. There are times that owners of trading real estate are handing over to inexperienced entrepreneurs, which are located in poorly lit and dirty areas. In this situation, few of the potential buyers will notice such a store, most will pass by him. And therefore, it is necessary to remove the retail space in the illuminated areas of the metro station, in the territories served by the personnel, where the buyer will not only pay attention to the outlet, but will also buy with comfort.

If you have a problem when choosing a retail space, contact a professional real estate agency, whose employees will be happy to help you. In the shortest possible time, we will provide you with a list of rented retail space in all metro of the capital, from which you can choose the most suitable option for yourself. We have the most extensive information base that is constantly updated, and an individual approach to each individual client. Contact and you will significantly save your time and effort.

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