Repair the bathroom

The bathroom is the place in the house where we can be alone with ourselves, with our thoughts and feelings, taking a warm shower, we can relax, washing off the entire negativity of the past day. So we should like our bathroom. To do this, we must think over the color scheme, the texture of the coatings, the strength and configuration of plumbing, the arrangement of furniture and appliances to the smallest details. It would be very good if you could initially decide what you want, and, in the course of work, to focus on the desired result. It is possible that not everything in your bathroom requires replacement. For example, you may not arrange only a coating, or a bath, while the pipes of complaints do not cause. And it is possible that your main goal is to correct only significant problems, because you are limited in means. In such a situation, you are shown a lightweight repair. You can choose the necessary points from the proposed below: we dismantle all the old furniture, appliances, plumbing; we get rid of the flooring; We beat off the tile from the walls or remove the paint; The ceiling is also eliminated from the coating; We dismantle old pipes; We remove the old door.

So, now you have an absolutely empty premises prepared for repair. Everything else depends on your taste, imagination, financial security. As well as from the qualification of the masters you hired. And we can only wish you good luck!

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