Replacing electric wiring in a residential building

The housing stock of Russia is obsolete morally and physically every year, thousands of houses remain in cities that have not seen repairs since the Soviet Union. Of course, every owner, without waiting for utilities, wants to live in favorable and comfortable conditions.

One of the important repair points is to update the wiring. Often, aluminum wires are laid in the houses of the 80s, and given that over time, aluminum is oxidized and becoming fragile, this can lead to heating the joints and as a result of ignition of the dwelling.

According to the current building standards and rules in newly built houses, only a copper wire has a higher electrical conductivity and a long service life of a long service. The calculation of the cross -conduct of the conductive core should be carried out taking into account the load consumed, since each electric receiver whether it is an electric furnace or a washing machine consumes a certain amount of energy.

Accordingly, each wire is designed to pass a certain amount of electricity. Each household device indicates its power, and if you take into account that the cross section of a copper wire equal to 1, 5 mm withstands up to 3 kW of the load, it is not difficult to make certain calculations.

It remains to install and install protection devices that are protective shutdown devices (RCD) and circuit breakers, also selected depending on the available consumers.

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