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Replacing interior doors with your own hands

The technology of replacing the interior door itself is not complicated, but if a person is taken for it without certain knowledge, this can become a serious problem for him. To save yourself from such a process, you can simply contact the company that provides such services. The price in this case can be large, while the quality may not be very good.

In cases where you do not have money to install doors with a company, or the company, you have to engage in the choice and replacement of future interior doors. Now the main thing is to determine where to start.

First you should start with the choice of the interior door, on which we will change the old. Pay attention to the quality that various companies offer. Doors should not be without scratches, mechanical damage and downed corners. Before buying, be sure to find out the sizes of the doors. If you have old doors left, then just remove their dimensions and order the same. When buying a door accessories, be sure to check its quality and the presence of all parts.

In order not to torment yourself with the choice of loops, just buy universal non -removable loops. When choosing a lock, pay attention to its functionality. The castle should not seize, or wedge. In the event that the installation of an interior door with your own hands takes place in a furnished room, then be sure to provide the workspace. If you cannot move the furniture, in this case, it will reasonably cover it with plastic wrap, since there will be a lot of dust during installation.

To install the door, it is desirable to turn to professionals. Who like not they will help you in this difficult matter. Professional masters use a special tool and materials. You will be sure of the reliably installed door. Put the purchased fittings and check before the master arrives, this will save you a little time when replacing the door on your own.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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