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Replacing or repairing windows?

Wooden frames are usually installed in old apartments. Wood is environmentally friendly material, it looks spectacular. However, as a rule, window structures in Soviet times were made from hands badly. Yes, and the age of such frames is venerable, which determines the presence of cracks and the loose fit of the frames. Of course, you can replace old frames with new ones, also wooden.

It will cost quite expensive, because it is important that the tree is well dried and does not dry out over time. Therefore, most modern residents prefer to install plastic windows. They are unpretentious, look beautiful and hold warmth well. If you want your home to become cozy and warm, buy Salamander windows.

It is also important to choose the most convenient design of new windows. It is best to choose universal windows. In them, each sash can open completely, as well as at a certain angle to ventilate the room. This configuration is not required.

In order to save money, some order deaf windows that cannot be opened at all. This is a bold solution and is suitable only for rooms that can be ventilated without the help of a window. In addition, such a window cannot be washed outside if you live above the first floor.

Budget windows

Sometimes people cannot decide to replace windows, because they do not have sufficient means. In this case, it makes sense to repair the old frames and bring them to the proper form. There are companies that offer wooden frames restoration services. This is not a quick process, besides, it is quite dirty.

Therefore, before the repair, you need to cover all the available furniture with a film. The frames are freed from paint, polished, cracks are closed in them. Then wooden structures are again opened with paint. After such a repair, your wooden windows will receive a new life.

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