Reservoir as a developmental space for a child

In ancient times, when there were no special developmental toys and benefits for parents, the child developed, playing with the fact that she was ready to provide at his disposal. How can you not recall exciting games with water on rivers and lakes, bathing, starting boats in a pond. These games are familiar to everyone since childhood, and their developmental potential is obvious. As a developing manual, a pond in a country or lake show themselves no worse than a children’s interactive table. Of course, the capabilities of the latter are much more solid and extensive, so the best way to harmonize the development of the child is to combine simple, natural means and the latest digital technologies.

Advantages and disadvantages of different developmental means

The advantage of all natural means is that they are available, free and not limited by any framework. In addition, games with water, on water and near the water contribute to the development of love for nature, knowledge of the surrounding world. But the minus is that reservoirs, especially natural ones, are fraught with understandable dangers for the child. Even if the bathing is not included in your plans, and the child, for example, simply launches a boat in the pond (both toy and simply created from leaves, branches and bark), the adult should tirelessly be near and keep the child in sight. It is also necessary to instruct the child by teaching him the most important rules of safe behavior in the pond.

With regard to safety, all specially created tools for children’s development, toys and benefits are careful, both for sanitary-hygienic, physical safety, and on psychological and pedagogical characteristics. The means that are purchased from reliable and trusted companies, it makes sense to trust. Be sure to read the instructions where the age is indicated from which you can use this or that toy. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase any rather expensive technological novelty, use a service such as renting an interactive table and other equipment. Try not to overload your child with digital technologies. As mentioned above, the ideal situation of development creates a competent and balanced combination of them with developing games in nature.

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