Restore the kitchen cabinet

Kitchen furniture consists of many elements, and all of them have compounds of various types. These are screws, screws, nails and glue. If you notice that the connection is shaken, then take it up to its restoration. You will need the presence of tools such as a drill, a screwdriver, screws, a milling cutter, as well as sandpaper and a putty for wooden surfaces.

We begin the restoration of the kitchen with the dismantling of the defective, spoiled part. First we remove the shelves, followed by the doors, as they significantly prevent the repair work.

We make fastenings by the weaknesses, for this we will have to unscrew the screws connecting the elements among themselves. Do all this is required as carefully as possible, without causing damage to other surfaces.

Plastic plugs hide the mounting screws, they are located in the lower part of the structure, or on the outer surface. The screws need to be twisted, but it is most convenient to do this with an assistant, since the cabinet has a rather big weight, and one person is problematic to cope with him.

When the dismantling is finished, the parts are placed on the floor, and the surface is cleaned with a special composition that degreases them. Sandpaper is needed in order to remove the old glue.

The connection of the boards is carried out by applying glue. You can squeeze it out of the syringe, or a special horn. During drying, the connection should be tightened with a tourniquet or rope.

Keep in mind that you must drill holes of such a diameter that the screws are a little larger. Using the cutter, we enter the hole corresponding to the screw hat. Now pull the junction by means of screws. When the screws are already in place, excess glue is noticeable, it should be removed by a wet rag.

The connection should be properly dried. The putty with which the screws are disguised should correspond to the color of the cladding. When the details are repaired and returned to their places, you need to fix them to the wall, restore the connection with other parts. Pay attention to whether all the details are well fitted.

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