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Roof repair in private houses

Any roof, depending on the quality of building materials, can serve from 40 to 65 years. However, over time, even the most reliable supports with fasteners, drains that experience increased loads begin to deteriorate. It is for this reason that the current condition of the roofs must be controlled every year.

Each roofing in the house needs to start with a visual assessment of the general appearance of the roof. First of all, the roof should be inspected from the street. We are talking about shifted or damaged tiles or slate sheets, which are very distinguished against the general background of the entire coating.

If very wide cracks with large holes appear in the roof, they can be distinguished by color. Then experts advise against the background of the sky to inspect the ribs of the roof. It is also advisable using binoculars to carefully check the condition of the adjacency to skates, cornices or ventilations. If you plan to install high-quality Chidida chimneys, you can find out about them on many Internet sites. There you can also get consultations of specialists about their installation. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the prices of these designs.

Before starting repair work, it is necessary to remove dust with mold and garbage from the roof surface. All damaged places must be completely freed from old roofing and dry these areas. If the whole problem lies in swelling, and not in leaks, it is necessary to get rid of the air bubble by performing the cross -shaped incision.

Specialists do not recommend repairing the soft roof during the rain, because even with thorough artificial drying of the roofs, the reliability of the work performed will decrease much. To repair the soft roof, you need to stock up on hot or cold mastic, which will need to be covered with the repair areas. Then it will be necessary to seal the damage to the patches and cover with mastic again.

If there is a lot of damage on the surface of the soft roof, you should think about overhaul. At the same time, the old coatings will need to be completely removed, and then dried the surface and then apply new layers.

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