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Roof repair of a private house

Reliable roof – the key to warmth, comfort and safety of your house.     Roof repair of a private house should start with determining the reasons.                                                    

Experienced builders distinguish the following reasons for the flow of the roof of the house:

marriage during the construction of the roof;

defects in the surface of the roofing canvas;

getting wet of the heat -insulating layer;

breakage in the drainage system.

The course that appears immediately after the rain is due to damage or disclosure of roofing materials.

Spring leaks during the melting of snow appear due to freezing of meltwater in funnels of a leaky roof.

Periodically appearing leak causes the insulation due to microcracks of the roofing canvas.

Before starting the repair, you need to carefully examine the roof from the inside (checking the rafters, floor, flooring, etc. P. in the attic), and then outside with a portable staircase.

Attention is paid to the skate, the areas of the adjoining of metal aprons in the places of adjacence to vertical elements, cornices, ventilation ducts, etc.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify a problematic place in dry weather, then you will have to wait for rainy weather and indicate the places.

Roof repair of roofs

Next, the roof of the roof of a private house begins directly, which, depending on the roof material, will be carried out in different ways.

Repair of ceramic or cement-sand tiles is to enhance the roof structure using boards, or to remove the old putty from the joints of the tiles and replace it with a new solution (two parts of the sand and one part of the lime from Pacley).

The restoration of a metal roof involves the use of silicone to eliminate the gaps, laying steel patches or replacing the entire sheet with major damage. It is also important to cover with special paint all the detected scratches to prevent the roof from the appearance of corrosion.

Roof updating with bitumen tiles is carried out at a temperature above 5 ° C (in cold weather, the tile becomes fragile). The spoiled tiles are carefully removed, the used nails are removed, a new element smeared with glue is carefully inserted and it is fixed with special nails (length 25 mm, 3 mm rod in diameter, a cap 10 mm).

The repair of the roof from the slate is reduced to the sealing of cracks or chips with a cement mortar or adhesive repair ribbons based on butil-nuclear-on, and the nails that fasten the slate sheets with olipo or oil paint to prevent rust.

The drainage repair begins by washing it with a powerful stream of water, then the needle angle is adjusted so that the water does not stagnate, the elimination of corrosion, cracks, depressurization of the compounds using special protective foundations, seals.

Some leaks require minor repairs, while others-more complex manipulations with the involvement of professional builders. In any case, the best time for all the described works described above is spring and autumn, when it is dry, warm and not hot. But sometimes urgent roofing can be performed under a special canopy

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