Sandbrush – what is it?

Sandblast or as it is also called sandblasting – this is a way of surface processing. It is used to clean metal structures, glass, stone, etc. D. With the help of sandblasting, metal products are cleaned without problems from old paintwork, corrosion products, pollution and petroleum products, as for glass and marble surfaces, this method allows you to get a unique relief.

The degree of roughness of the surface will depend on the level of pressure and quality of the used abrasive material. The principle of the operation of sandblasting is reduced to the fact that the flows of the mixture from abrasive and air through severe pressure affect the purified surface. Parts of abrasive, emerging from the nozzle of the unit, are destroyed by the entire surface structure.

The history of sandblasting was originating in 1870, it was then that it was developed by American Benjamin Chu Tilgmen.

Features of sandblasting:

– Sandbrown cleaning is a method of surface cleaning from soot, corrosion, fuel oil, bitumen, layer of scale, mud, plaster, oil products, old layers of paintwork and so on.

– The sandblast has been widely used in construction work, and is also used in the restoration of buildings. Abrasive cleaning is carried out before applying paint and putty on a brick base.

Moreover, sandblasting is suitable for cleaning stone from traces of soot, old paint, mold, for cleansing brick, outer plaster, ultimately reaching an impeccably purified surface.

In addition, cleaning is indispensable when cleansing monolithic concrete walls, traces of formwork, residual cement, reinforced concrete panels, columns, as well as concrete structures;

– Sandbrush removes the upper layers of the previous paint from wooden houses. The use of soft types of abrasive allows the use of sandblasting for cleaning boats, trucks, cars, helicopters, aircraft, without violating the structure of the cleaned surface.

There is a big plus of the sandblasting method that the lack of a threat of negative impact on specialists of aggressive chemicals, and also there is also no need to dispose of waste.

– Sandbrush is one of the necessary stages in the preparation of the surface before applying various decorative, protective and anti -corrosion coatings.

– This method is used to emphasize and select decorative features of the surface, that is, I mean, selects the relief, structure and texture of the material, for example, facing material or brickwork.

– Significantly increases the lifespan of coatings by about six times. Thus, you can save well on capital and current repair work.

Sand -cutting method of surface processing – refers to a gentle method of cleaning, which gives a hundred percent guarantee of a high quality of the performance of the work.

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