Schell -cement slabs: advantages and application

The use in the construction of brush -cement plates can significantly reduce the time for the construction of buildings and structures. Slip -cement slabs are used as non -removable formwork in the construction of walls from reinforced concrete.

The basis of the sling -cement plate is the chips of conifers of wood. The cement gives the stove strength, and liquid glass protects from moisture, mold and insects. Good adhesion to concrete is ensured by the structure of the surface of the gingeen -cement slab itself, which allows you to achieve phenomenal results.

Despite their strength, the brush -cement plates have wood properties, saw, processed with milling. To connect the plates, you can use nails or screws.

Construction technology using skip -cement plates is extremely simple. At first, a box of the building is gathering (or part, if the construction goes on the phased), is reinforced and poured with concrete.

You can hide the basic communications of the building in the thickness of the concrete, and the wiring can be hidden in the internal formwork (it must be said that the skip -cement plates are not susceptible to burning). To lay the wiring in the internal formwork, the channels are milling, in which the cable is laid.

The subsequent decoration of the building can be any. Outside, the building can be plastered with a thin layer of cement-license solution, finish with facade slabs, siding, etc. D. Internal defeat can also be plastered by any finishing materials.

Slip -cement slabs have good heat and soundproofing characteristics. The thickness of the sling -cement plates is from 25 to 260 mm, the overall dimensions are 2000 × 500 mm.

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