Selecting and independent stacking of carpet

Carpet is considered a very common type of flooring. There are a large number of carpet classifications: according to the material, coloring method, manufacturing method, etc. D. The coating can have both natural and synthetic pile. Synthetic fibers are most often made of polyamide (aka nylon), polyester, olefin (aka polypropylene) or acrylic.

The best nylon pile is still considered the best, since it is much softer than the rest and retains its original appearance longer. The main advantages of synthetic carpet are a lower price compared to natural, as well as unpretentiousness in care.

As for the price of carpet, it also depends on how the material was made. The most expensive is the woven way of manufacture, it is actually identical to the method of manufacturing carpets. However, such a carpet will pay for himself due to his durability.

If you want to achieve maximum noise insulation, then it is better to purchase a carpet that was made by the needle -grinding method. It costs inexpensively and is often found in places such as offices, cinemas and other public places.

The cheapest, but the most unreliable is a carpet -based carpet. Production does not take much time and effort, so the material is quite cheap. However, the service life of adhesive carpets will be much less than its better analogues.

Laying method – direct gluing. In this method, the carpet is glued with special glue completely over the entire surface area. For this, carpet sheets are spread and cut, as with the first laying method. After that, the sheets bend in the middle. Glue is applied to the opened part of the floor and the coatings are lowered. Smooth the roller and also glue the second half of the sheet. This method is recommended to be used for places with intensive cross -country ability, such as corridors, premises of educational and cultural institutions, cafes and restaurants, etc. D.

Another popular carpet installation method is called – stretching (tension). In this method, the coating is attached using special rails around the entire perimeter of the room. Due to the elasticity of the carpet, the surface of the coating will turn out to be more even than when using other styling methods. This method also safely affects the service life and facilitates the cleaning of the surface of the carpet coating.

A significant disadvantage of using this method is the use of special tools and devices, as well as the presence of a person with the experience of performing such work.

Making internal repairs of your home, do not forget about the external. We recommend that you use a block house for the external sheathing of a house, a modern wooden material for facades that excellently imitates a log house.

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