Selection of intervention insulation for a country house

Surely many of us dream of living at least for some time in a house built from natural wood. Long stay in such a house will undoubtedly have a favorable effect on the well -being of a living person, sharply increases the level of resistance to inevitable stress, tempers the body. The whole thing is that in a wooden building, perhaps the most favorable ratio of fresh clean air and the optimal level of humidity. Also, accommodation in a wooden structure will benefit people suffering from problems with allergies.

Of course, the material itself is at home, how environmentally friendly it would be, it still does not guarantee anything. The correctness of the construction of the house, compliance with the main building standards is of considerable importance. In a wooden house should be warm and dry at any time of the year. It is also strictly important to avoid the appearance of any drafts, negatively affecting the immunity of residents, especially unprotected young children and elderly relatives.

If everything is done correctly, a wooden house for the comfort of living and the ability to reliably hold intra -heat heat will give a large head start to buildings made of traditional brick or concrete blocks.

One of the key elements of a wooden house responsible for the comfort of staying inside can be considered a wooden intervention heater.

Its paramount function is to completely protect all the interior from the penetration of drafts. Elasticity, as well as the density of the structure of the intervention heater should prevent the occurrence of new cracks and not release internal heat. In addition, intervention insulation is responsible for regulating the intra -moisture level of humidity. If humidity exceeds the norm, a qualitatively constructed insulation should absorb excess moisture, thereby preventing the occurrence of fungal lesions and mold on the walls.

Intervented insulation built by all rules is able to function several decades without problems.

On sale you can meet many varieties of intervention insulation that differ in the materials used. They can consist of artificial and natural materials: glass wools, staple fiberglass, mineral wool, basalt, etc.

The following materials are often used as fillers: extrusion and standard polystyrene foam, common mounting foam and many other sealants, as well as foam rubber.

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