Selection of ways to lay cable route

In order to determine the necessary method of laying the cable route, a comparative analysis of the technical and economic indicators of technological processes used for the laid cable products should be performed. For the same cable route, the volume of labor costs is compared, determined, as a rule, by standard technological processes. For example, laying cable products will be carried out using a vehicle, or using an electricleck.

The total amount of labor costs is defined as the sum of economic indicators depending on the length of the route, the salary of installers, operators and other workers involved for laying, as well as the duration of the work. The use of mechanization tools on the one hand significantly reduces the total time to perform work, on the other, it leads to additional transportation costs for the delivery, installation and subsequent dismantling after its completion.

The choice of one or another method for performing work on laying the cable route belongs to the construction team itself. Often it has quite limited capabilities both in equipping mechanization by means of mechanization and by the presence of highly qualified personnel capable of rationally using the indicated equipment. These and other conditions contribute to the preference of the choice of manual methods of laying, in relation to automated.

The dependence of the labor cost of laying the cable on the length of the cable route and the volumes of the laid products can be presented in the form of a graph that is compiled for a specific case – the laying of two cable lines at a distance of up to 600 m. The cable is laid in the tunnel using a complex of mechanisms and devices of KMTB.

The schedule clearly allows us to conclude that when laying two cable lines up to 300 m long, total labor costs when using manual and automated methods are approximately the same. However, when the distance of the laid route begins to increase, labor costs are also reduced and reduced. An example of savings are organizations that using the mechanical methods of laying cable reduce labor costs by 2-3 times.

Thus, when compiling a project for the work on laying cable products, it is necessary to apply a combined method of laying a cable, in which single cable lines of small lengths are laid in the ground manually, in other cases it is advisable to use a mechanized method.

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