Self -leveling mixture

Self -burning screed is performed under laminate, parquet, linoleum and tiles. In order for the mixture to be self -released, it must be laid in an even layer, more than 3 mm thick.

The consumption is: per square meter – seven kilograms of dry mixture with a layer thickness of 3 to 5 mm, if the thickness is 10 mm, then the consumption is 13 kilograms.

Then, after the next spill, you need to roll with a needle roller a layer to remove air bubbles and in the joints. Pour the mixture evenly without technological breaks.   At room temperature, this mass retains its fluidity for 30-40 minutes.

The solidification process should take place with open doors or open window in conditions with low humidity, without drafts, and with not strong ventilation of the room. During the hardening process, moisturizing the coating is not allowed. After 24 hours, we begin to dry the flooded mixture. For drying, it should pass for 5-7 days, then at a temperature of 20 degrees and moisture of 60% we begin laying the coating.


The self -leveling mixture is used for finishing floor alignment. And is used in public buildings and residential premises with high hygienic requirements.   For example: food, medical, pharmaceutical, children’s buildings. Applied to coating in buildings with low fluid exposure intensity.


The advantage of this material is high fluidity, which makes it possible to work with a large thickness of the screed. This material does not sit down, hygienic, does not form cracks when dried, environmentally friendly, without the content of sand or cement, creates a comfortable microclimate, moreover, it is quite durable.

This material does not create dust, not grief, lighter than a mixture of cement by 20%. Such a mixture can be pumped with a pump.   He, like wood, has thermal insulation properties with a load after 8-10 hours under normal conditions. Does not lose its strength in emergency cases of water flow.

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