Self -leveling screed Ceresit CN 175

When decorating the floor, to lay the final flooring, it is necessary, if not perfect, then the base is as close as possible to it so that the finish does not “play” (as in the case, for example, with a laminate), lay smoothly and served for many years. For such purposes, on top of the main draft, the so -called self -leveling screed for the floor is used. It is quite simple in installation, does not require any serious professional skills, but plays a very important role in the repair of the apartment. Its essence lies in the fact that due to its liquid state, the mixture goes smoothly over the entire area of ​​the floor. Of course, it must be slightly leveled after pouring with a special tool, rocket, but in general the material works according to the principle of any liquid – if you pour it into any vessel, it will take a horizontal state. But it cannot be poured in large areas, t. To. She will “sit down” in the center more, and less along the edges, so pre -break the room into shrinkage zones.

One of the proven materials among self -leveling screeds is Ceresit CN 175. For your money, this is an excellent floor for gender, according to reviews of construction contractors. The thickness of the mixture filling is from 3 mm to 60mm. However, personally we are skeptical of filling the floor of small thickness, t. To. it cracks and crumbles easier. The main advantages, according to the manufacturer, are the following indicators: the lack of shrinkage is suitable for aligning the floor with heating, environmentally friendly, quite high strength (but suitable only for rooms with low loads). This material is suitable only for internal work, both manual and automated methods. It is possible to use to eliminate defects of the existing sex. Estimated consumption of material – 1, 5kg/kV. m. With a thickness thickness of a 1mm fill layer. The material is formed in paper bags, a mass of 20 kg, shelf life – 9 months. The mixture, in the finished state, begins to grasp for half an hour, the technological passage through the stacked mixture is possible after 5-6 hours.

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