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Setting the floor and laying of linoleum

Before aligning the wooden floor, it is good to clean its entire surface from the remains of glue, oil. The concrete floor must be cleaned of retired and fragile concrete, other defects. If this is poorly done, then the cost of subsequent repairs will be too high, the same as the bubbles and clutch of the leveling composition and the basics will be bad in the screed.

To align the floor surface, it is necessary to first set the beacons by level. After the beacons are installed, you can start filling the base. So that there are no leaks in the apartment below, it is necessary to lay a layer of waterproofing under the base. The finish alignment can only be performed when the completely black coating dries.

The finish solution most often has a liquid consistency, such a composition spreads evenly on the floor surface, as a result, a very smooth and perfectly flat surface is obtained. After the finish layer is completely dry, you can start working on laying the laminate. The coating laid down on this basis will serve for quite some time.

How to lay linoleum

Linoleum is one of the cheapest and most practical flooring, which can offer the building materials market, although the laminate is also not very expensive and laying the laminate is inexpensive. Today there is a huge amount of linoleum. This applies to the quality and pattern of the coating. To lay linoleum on the floor will not be difficult.

First you need to bring linoleum into the room in order for it to adapt to room temperature. If you start work immediately, then linoleum can be damaged. After he lay into the room for a couple of hours, he needs to be spread and left in this position for a day so that he is leveled off. Further, after the coating has laid out in a spread out day, you can start work.

Linoleum needs to be filled around the perimeter of the room and cut in size. In order to cut it, you can use a wide metal spatula and a sharp construction knife. Cut it carefully so as not to cut off the excess. To do this, you need to strongly press a wide metal spatula into linoleum and cut it from the outside.

Linoleum can be glued on the basis of the floor on PVA glue or left to lie without any fastening. After the linoleum is cut around the perimeter of the room, it must be leveled so that the drawing is as smooth as possible. Further, for a stronger grip of linoleum, it is necessary to fix the plastic skirting boards around the entire perimeter of the room. The skirting board will press the linoleum to the floor, and there will be no noticeably cracks between the flooring and the wall.

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