Setting the floor

The room looks great if the floor has an even surface. If irregularities are not very large, it is not necessary to contact professionals, you can do it yourself.

What tools are required to align the floor?

The floor alignment is carried out using an electric mixer, a cell, a composition for alignment, soil, as well as a bucket.

You must make sure that the cashed patches do not crack. Therefore, the main thing is that you should take into account the features of the bearing surface. Start by scraising the plaster. The floor must be cleared of excess cement. If dents are detected, cracks, the depth of which exceeds two centimeters, they must be filled. After completion of work, the floor is required to surge.

Now let’s see how the surface of the porist or smooth. This is done simply, no more than half a glass of water spilles onto the floor. If the liquid disappears, for example, within a minute, then the porosity is large, and the primer is required. It is made simply, with the help of a conventional roller, according to the type of paint. Everything should dry well.

The mass should be aligned, so it is advisable to use an electric stirrer. Upon completion of the process, the solution should stand slightly.

The contents of the bucket are laid out right on the floor, near one of the walls. We proceed to smear the solution using the cell. At the same time, you need to watch so that there are no lumps left, and there is no extraneous garbage. Thicker than one centimeter layer is not recommended. When the first layer is laid out, and became solid, you can start the second layer. So until the result of your work performed completely arranges you.

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