Investments in the state

Sewer systems

According to sanitary and epidemiological standards in the territory of settlements and in zones of industrial production, there should not be wastewater, waste of organic origin. These norms should be taken into account when erecting new factories, houses and agricultural structures. The project needs to provide for the issue of waste with the means of sewage outside the object. All wastewater is divided into 3 categories:

Atmospheric waters-they are formed naturally when precipitation falls out household-household-fecal wastewater, which accumulate from shower cabins, household premises and toilet rooms. Production rooms-are formed during various technical devices.

The poisonous substances themselves, which are part of wastewater, are considered not only organic waste, but also alkalis, acids, mercury salts, copper, and chromium. There are pathogens everywhere there. Wastewater removal can be organized in several ways: the common system – water is sent to the common network, and then displayed to treatment facilities. Further, they are redirected to a separate reservoir – atmospheric precipitation according to the drainage system is sent to reservoirs. The last type of wastewater diving can be arranged in those places where the place is present or the slope of the area.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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