Shock drills

In this article, we present you a story about shock drones used in severe construction or in production, and models that will help in arranging the space of the house are also available.

In general, drills are simple and shock, as in our case. Note that any more or less decent shock drill has an unstressed mode, which makes this power tool universal.

A shock drill can work with metal in unstressed mode, and with a tree in a shock, and also makes holes in brick (drilling and impact mode). But for working with concrete, it is not much adapted for such purposes better to buy a punch. Although there are still models working in concrete with a maximum diameter of 15 millimeters.

When buying a shock drill, pay attention to such parameters as: the power (the larger it is, the better the drill, albeit more expensive), the cartridge (fist or fast -pissing). Also look whether the presence of electronics has the presence of a drill (to maintain a stable rotating speed and control of revolutions, etc.), what is the equipment (cardboard box or suitcase, the presence of drills, and so on.).

Also, when buying a shock drill, pay to its technical characteristics, such as: power consumption, speed and diameter of drilling (according to concrete, wood and steel), torque, cartridge and installation of nozzles. If the model has an anti -vibration system that reduces the level of vibration, then this is a huge plus. But the clutch that is in this tool is a kind of “guard” because it serves as a person’s protection when working with a drill.

Some models are equipped with a special Fixtec system, by the way, it is patented, and only the manufacturer AEG has the right to it. Thanks to this system, you can easily and quickly change accessories. And there are also models that have a planetary two -speed synchronized gearbox.

Naturally the power of energy consumption in each shock drill from AEG is different. The input power consumed differs significantly, usually by several hundred watts. Also at loading speeds.

I would also like to particularly touch the topics of drilling diameters of AEG shock drones. It is known that their maximum value will be different for steel, wood or concrete. Drill in the configuration of all drones of excellent quality and strength.

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