Sliding interior doors

If you are tired of standard door structures, and you want to diversify the interior a little – then you should pay attention to sliding door structures that have not only decorative qualities, but also increased practicality.

Sliding interior doors are peculiar canvases that move when opening along their guides relative to the walls. In this case, two problems are solved: saving the space used in small apartments and zoning of the premises.

Two options for the design of interior sliding doors are possible – moving along the two guides (upper and lower), and the so -called non -resident, which move only along the upper guide. Ilorrants are more convenient, as they create comfort in operation and use. But this design has its disadvantages – it is considered less reliable. Therefore, in the lower end of the doors, especially if they have significant sizes, a special element is provided – “shoe”. It is made in the form of a short lower guide, stabilizing the lower edge of the door.

There are two ways to install sliding interior doors – external and internal installation. The external installation is a shift of the canvas relative to the wall from the outside, and the internal one – the displacement in the wall. The internal installation of sliding structures is more complicated and requires the adoption of the correct and balanced approach in the installation at the very beginning of the repair. Quite often, when installing interior sliding structures, you can not do without expanding the doorway – in this case, you should contact the construction company, which will facilitate not only the installation of door structures, but also the coordination of the redevelopment of the apartment.

In addition to their advantages, sliding interior doors have several disadvantages – this is an almost complete absence of sound insulation, insufficient protection against penetration into the premises of light and smells. These disadvantages can be corrected by additional costs for the total sound insulation of the door box, eliminating the smallest cracks, as well as additional refinement of the door structure itself.

Among other things, interior sliding doors have a higher price than swing doors – therefore, when buying such structures for your home, you need to spend a considerable time and choose high -quality sliding interior doors at an affordable cost.

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