Sockets and lamps for wet rooms

Earlier, if the humidity in the room exceeded some value, a set of electrical appliances was very limited in it. Actually, this was due to the fact that about 20 years ago simply invented such electrical equipment that would not be afraid of moisture. As a result, air, which is capable of conducting current in wet rooms, became a real conductor, and this already influenced the overall security in wet rooms. For example, an ordinary leak of electricity could seriously harm a person, even cause a fatal outcome.

However, now with such things the situation of cutting has changed. Today’s technologies easily allow you to produce household electrical equipment, which can withstand its premises in conditions of high humidity. Many equipment manufacturers offer consumers a wide variety of lamps, household appliances that has different protection against moisture.

Similar requirements are exhibited for electrical equipment used in residential premises. These are sockets, dimmers, electric power, diverse switches and so on.

We list existing levels of protection against moisture and water.

IPX 0 – there is no such protection against moisture

IPX 1 – the product is protected from vertical drops

IPX 2 – Small drop protection

IPX 3 – there are protective mechanisms that can withstand rain

IPX 4 – Protected from entering the product of spray in any direction

IPX 5 – reliable protection against water jets

IPX 6 – complete water resistance of the product

In wet rooms, we advise you to use products with IPX 3 labeling products. This will be enough to install sockets not in direct reach of the bath, but they may be present in the bathroom itself.

Protected lamps

The most important feature of such lamps is in the airtight case of the device, which protects it from getting into the hull of moisture and water. In this case, we note that to replace the lamp, you will need to completely disassemble the lamp, change the light bulb and assemble it back.

Italian and Austrian luminaires for bathrooms show themselves quite well. Each type of fixtures has a clear marking of the admissibility of use in wet rooms.

Protected sockets

The moisture -proof sockets have a special functional structural form of protection – a sealed cover, which completely protects the contacts of the outlet from moisture and water. In addition, the tightness of the socket case is ensured by the presence of gaskets and seals inside the case.

It is also important to note that such sockets in the case when they are not used should be closed by a sealed lid, which we talked about above.

The best moisture -proof sockets are the products of German and French.

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