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Soils and fillers

Painting a vehicle is a very important stage of complex repair work to restore the body or surface of the car. But no less important is the preliminary preparation of the car for painting, which consists in applying a primer coating. The soil is used to ensure reliable grip of car paint with the staining surface, as well as to protect the surface from corrosion, and it is precisely the competent choice of primer coating with proper application that is the basic factor of high -quality painting.

The factory primer in the era of the emergence and formation of the automotive industry was the priming process to spray special compositions to the surface of the parts even before welding them. Later they began to use the immersion method, and only after the 60s of the last century water-soluble primitive mixtures appeared. For immersion, primers were used for diverse chemical composition – based on epoxy, alkyd and mixed resins, with the addition of anti -corrosion additives and fillers, however, this method was characterized by low performance and high labor intensity, and was soon ousted by electrophoresis. Today, the power supply method is used for priming cars on many production conveyors. This method allows you to achieve uniform application of the composition with the most useful use of the material (up to 95% compared with 70% of other methods).

Repair primer for what purpose is the primer when carrying out repair and restoration work? The fact is that after putting the body of the vehicle, it is a heterogeneous surface with a large number of areas of different material – metal, polyester putty, old paintwork, etc. D. In addition, after putty on the surface, there are many tiny, invisible to the eye of the pore. The auto enamel applied by an uniform layer can interact differently with the heterogeneity of the surface. For example, metal areas inert to cover varnis will not be able to provide the necessary adhesion, and the drying process will go differently, expressing themselves in the “original” relief. Therefore, to obtain the maximum effect, primers are used.

Types of soils

Extracting primer compositions. The basis of such a primer is an acid that etchs the smallest metal layer from the surface, which ensures excellent adhesion with metal and increases corrosion resistance;

Strengthening primer compositions. The most functional primers can be applied to a metal surface, due to the thickness of the layer, the surface defects perfectly smooth out.

fillers – are not primers, but serve to fill the shells and cracks;

insulating ground -based compositions are expensive, but useful coatings that are used as a dividing barrier between incompatible types of coatings;

Grounding compounds from chips – are used on car areas vulnerable to chips, can be used as noise defective compositions on a flat surface (for example, on the hood).

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