Investments in the state

Sometimes, a situation arises when it is necessary to install an electric socket on their own.

But not everyone knows how to do it right.

All electric sockets are divided into internal and external. The internal installation is carried out in a nest drilling in the surface of the wall, and the external ones are built into a special socket.

The process of installing a socket:

You need to turn off the electric current.

In the wall, using a special nozzle on a drill (crowns), cut a hole for a socket. The speed on the drill set the maximum.

If necessary, you can lengthen the wires, stretch through the box, which is inserted into the hole.

Holes are sealed in the wall with a cement mortar

After the cement grabs, proceed to mount the inside of the outlet. Electric wiring consists of two wires: zero and phase. They are connected by special terminals, and fixed by twisting the bolts do a check of the outlet of the socket. To do this, turn on the voltage. In any case, you can not touch the bare wires. To install an outlet with grounding, you should know that it has three contacts. Grounding gives protection against electric shock, especially this is very important for a family with young children.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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