Sound insulation of walls of drywall

There is more likely nothing bad than to hear the conversations of the neighbors who come from the other side of the wall. The question “What to do?”. For the sound insulation of walls, you can apply such common building materials as drywall. Given that the price is affordable for drywall.

Drycarton sheets are good sound insulators due to its very dense structure. But before you start installing drywall sheets, it is necessary to study the walls for the presence of voids, cracks and so on.

But one gypsum cardboard sheet is Vryatli than can help, but laying drywall in two sheets with additional increased can really help you solve the problem. Also, in addition to drywall, it is advisable to use special membranes, which significantly improve the soundproofing indicators of the wall.

To enhance drywall, you can use many inexpensive materials. For example, between the sheets of drywall, lay fiberboard or ordinary felt of decent thickness. Unfortunately, any thermal insulation worsens fire safety indicators due to the fact that the materials used are very easily ignited.

Sound insulation in the office or some kind of public place is simply contraindicated in such methods, since serious fines can be imposed on you, and in general this event can lead to deplorable events.

During the sound insulation of the walls of drywall, one should not forget that the sound passes perfectly through all kinds of holes, and therefore any cracks, holes from nails should be sealed. You need to work very carefully near sockets.

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