SSNP geosquet, production

Geosynthetics are very widely used today, the scope of their application is multifaceted, and the result of use is very effective. Production: geotextiles, geosettes, geogrids and much more.

Their difference lies in the purpose, composition of complex raw materials, production technology, physical and mechanical characteristics, and width of the canvas. The SSNP geosquet consists of synthetic material in a composition, which includes a stabilized fiberglass, impregnated with a complex polymer composition. If you are building a house and want to buy swimming materials, then we advise you to follow the link given.

Road geosquet SSNP 50 25 50 is carried out by weaving two complex fiberglass threads with firmware, as a result of this, a geoset module is obtained. The threads are impregnated with a composition of polymers to improve the adhesion of asphalt concrete and mesh, as well as impregnation increases the stability of the surface against mechanical loads.

Properties, scope

Road Geosquet SSNP Hayway is low tootoxic, with reduced combustibility, nevertheless, it must be stored taking into account the elementary rules of the PB: you must not allow placing the mesh near heating devices, easily igniting substances and materials. The road traffic jacket uses for laying the roadway; construction of airfields, the construction of bridges and overpasses.

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