Stages of combining the balcony and rooms

An interesting way without special costs to increase the area of ​​the home is to join the balcony to it. It is not so difficult to do this if you approach the issue as rational as possible. First you need to get permission for such measures, without which you can’t just start work. After that, it is necessary to carry out work on the insulation of the existing balcony. Although in the event that the work is carried out, you can have a joy to demolish the balcony wall. But when performing events in winter, this is impossible to do this right away. The balcony is glazed, and all its surfaces are covered with polyurethane – reliable insulation. Next, you can proceed to the demolition of the wall. In fact, there is no question of as such demolition in this case. It is allowed to remove only part of it and leave a certain area that forms something like a decorative arch. At your leisure it will not be superfluous to find out what to do if collectors call.

In fact, this is an enhancing element, because the balcony is not initially adapted to future loads. In order not to observe any disharmony between the balcony and the room, it is necessary to perform the finish in the same style. There are many options in this case. If the insulation of the balcony is carried out correctly, then you can use any of them. This is a good option to at least slightly increase the useful area of ​​the apartment.

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