Stages of glazing doors and windows

Windows – eyes at home. Beautiful, clean windows-decorate and favorably distinguish both a small-tank house and a large estate. Therefore, among all construction works, an important niche is glazing. Building materials used in the construction have a number of technical characteristics. The main feature of the glass is its increased sensitivity to various kinds of power external influences. Excessive fragility inherent in glass requires careful handling.

For glazing windows and doors, it is necessary to prepare glass sheets of certain sizes. Glass cutting is carried out using glass cutter. There are two types of glass cutters – carbide and diamond. The sizes of glass after cutting should be 4-5 millimeters less than the nest into which it will subsequently be inserted. And if you have a metal door senator, then you do not have to glaze it. The glass is settled in front of the open on the table. The table must first be covered with felt or some dense fabric. A ruler is applied to the measurements marked on the glass, along which a straight line is drawn with a glass cutter. In the event that the work is carried out correctly, a slight crackle is heard and a currently inconspicuous line appears. When taped with a rubber hammer, the glass breaks along the line. The resulting glass of glass of the required dimensions is nailed to the frame with small cloves, the place of the glass application is hidden with stacks or putty.

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