Stairs made of wood

Many people today seek to break out of small apartments and live in spacious private houses or cottages. Of course, in order to build a modern cottage, it is necessary to make some efforts, draw up a project, calculate expenses, think over everything to the smallest details, it is possible to find economical options or the latest technologies in construction and in building materials, etc. P.

Recently, rarely anyone has been building a one -story house usually a two or three -story cottage. If you decide to build a house on several floors, then you can not do without a stairs. After all, the staircase is such a design that performs certain functions, providing vertical connections between floors.

First, determine for yourself from what material, and in what style (high-tech, empire, spiral staircase, with closed scums, curved, rotary, etc. D.) a staircase in your house will be made. A spiral staircase can be suitable for a house in which there is little space for ordinary straight stairs.

Calculating the dimensions for the design of such a staircase is very easy, everything will depend on the size of the steps. But mainly stairs of this design are auxiliary. The most common type of stairs is marching. Such stairs are installed in a room where there is enough space.

Marching stairs differ in type and design. When choosing stairs, you need to approach this issue seriously, even at the design stage, since modern stairs are made of various materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic, concrete, porcelain stoneware, stone, combined stairs and, accordingly, have different costs.

The most common and familiar material from which the staircase is built is a tree. We can safely say that a wooden staircase is a classic version. Typically, for the construction of the stairs, solid trees are selected, such as oak, beech, pine, cherries or ash, sometimes a combination of several woods is used. The staircase must meet the following criteria: strength, durability, reliability, safety, harmoniously fit into the interior. The safety of traveling the stairs is provided by the railing consisting of a handrail and vertical balusters.

As in any business, when choosing a stairs, it is better to turn to professionals. Experts will find an individual solution to this issue for you, help you correctly design the stairs, choose the desired design, tell you which material will be more suitable, calculate the required number of components, determine the cost of the structure, offer alternative options, advise on all emerging issues. The design of the stairs is always selected for a certain room, since it is necessary to take into account all its features.

The wooden staircase will perfectly fit into the interior of any home and will contribute to the provision of homemade comfort and comfort.

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