Suburban construction

Anyone who set up a dream of building their own home invariably comes to the issue of choosing material and the type of future structure. In most cases, this is the construction of country houses and cottages, which have recently become very popular. We offer you any materials and technologies that will help you fulfill your dream. In all variety, we will select for the client the most suitable material for his conditions and requirements and the technology of building a turnkey house. The remaining companies and companies that shout at all angles about low prices and fast lines of construction cannot offer the same for their customers. Do not rush to choose, contact these professionals from the company “Master of Repair”!

Building houses made of wood

The traditional for Russia is the construction of country -based country houses. This material for centuries has been the most popular and affordable. By the way, before the houses in Rus’ were built exclusively from wood-the brick was expensive, and from the stone, you yourself know how difficult it is to build something. Now wood -based materials have become very popular – a galbed log, glued beam, carriage, etc. D. All these materials, when used during the construction of a house or cottage, allow us to achieve incredible results in aesthetic, technological and architectural plan. The listed materials, as made on the basis of wood, leave all its positive properties and characteristics. You do not need to think that if you order a house, for example, from glued beams, it will somehow differ from a house based on galled logs. Let’s say even more – as a rule, modern wood -based materials receive additional “glasses” to thermal conductivity, comfort and a good atmosphere inside the house.

Modern technologies not only do not spoil wood, but make it more perfect!

Houses made of brick and foam concrete

In our country, together with a tree, it is now very common as building material and brick, as well as its analogues, for example, foam concrete. Ladure houses from such a “stone” became a good alternative to wood. For example, in such houses it is also warm, it is a very durable structure that can withstand a variety of bad weather and whims of nature. In addition, the houses of brick and foam concrete have now become something prestigious, showing the status of their owners. Just imagine that we will build you a one -story brick cottage. This will immediately raise your authority!

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