The choice of a diesel generator

The acquisition of the generator may be caused by the absence of a constant connection to the electric network or frequent interruptions with electricity. The correct choice of a diesel generator is not such a simple task and depends on many factors that not everyone can take into account or forget.

Before buying a diesel generator, you should make a list of requirements in advance that the generator should meet. It is important to understand that the choice of a diesel generator is not an easy task, so this case should be taken with all seriously.

First of all, it is worth dealing with the type of engine (after all, the generator can be with a gasoline engine). A generator with a gasoline engine will cost cheaper, but fuel costs and maintenance of a gasoline engine are higher. Although the prices for diesel generators are higher, the diesel engine has higher reliability and stability in operation.

Before choosing a diesel generator, answer your question – how often you are going to use a diesel generator? It is needed as a main or backup power supply? If the generator is supposed to be used as a backup power source, then you can dwell on less powerful, simple options. If it is necessary to use the diesel generator as the main power source, you should choose a low -speed engine type.

Diesel engines differ in low -speed (1,500 icmin) and high -speed (3000 q⁄min). Low -speed engines, although more expensive, are characterized by a large resource and less noisiness.

The choice of the diesel generator is also affected by the load. It is worth determining in advance to the total power of all energy consumers in the house. The power of each device is indicated in the passport or on the case of the device. It should be borne in mind that the starting current of all electric motors is 3-4 times declared in the passport. If the starting current of the engine is not known, then the passport power is increased by three times.

Having decided on power, make a supply of 20%. For the generator, the mode of operation at the limit of power is not very good, but also to operate the generator with a weak load (less than 25%) is also bad (already for the engine). An ideal option is a load power of 30-70%. If the generator is used as a backup power source, then not all power consumers are connected options for connecting. Perhaps in this case the electrician and wiring in the house will be partially converted, but in this case it is possible to save when buying a generator.

Diesel generators may differ in the way of starting. With manual launch, everything is clear. But there is a system of automatic starting the engine, it will launch the engine in the absence of voltage on the network. The same system will stop the engine when resuming centralized power supply.

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