The facade of the house made of thermal -driving: economy and reliability

To begin with, thermal -renewers are more durable material than ordinary wood and its service life is quite large, compared to natural. Thermal -breeds are successfully used where the most unfavorable influences of the external environment exist. She has a high coefficient of resistance to a wide temperature range. Therefore, it can be used both in hot and wet climate, and at a very low temperature. She has high frost resistance.

Thermodrevsina is very unpretentious building materials, it does not require special care and regular processing cleaning products. Unlike natural wood, it is enough just to process it in a moist way.

Thermodrevsina – modern, high -quality material. This high standard is ensured by the fact that the latest innovative technologies are used for its manufacture in the production process. The surface of the tree is treated with a special composition with special chemical additives, which deeply penetrate the structure of natural wood and thereby improve its necessary operational qualities. In some technological processes, wood, at high temperature, is treated with steam.

The chemical processing of wood is carried out in order to increase its reliability and strength, but the environmental friendliness of the material is slightly lower than when processing a ferry. This drawback is quite compensated by the low cost of such a material. When processing steam, wood does not lose its natural environmental properties, but its price is much higher.

The scope of thermodrevsin is quite wide and diverse. Thermal -breeding is actively used both in the construction of buildings and for the interior decoration of the premises. The construction of wooden frame houses is very popular, when the main elements of the frame, as well as its supporting walls, are made from thermal -breeds. For the interior decoration of the room, thermal -breeds are used as walls of walls, decorative surfaces, and windows, doors, floor, furniture, etc. are made from it from it.

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