Investments in the state

The influence of energy facilities on the environment

Electricity development often leads to sad environmental consequences and humans. This happens everywhere on thermal power plants that carry out into the atmosphere of various substances that are harmful to nature and on hydroelectric power stations, which, although they do not throw harmful substances into the atmosphere, but cause stagnation of river waters, but later, blue-green algae are formed that spread bacteria leading to the epidemic.

The creation of artificial reservoirs occupying large areas also often leads to consequences: the shores are eroded, the fish farm is violated. The harm from the power plant directly depends on the type and power of the TPP: emissions of harmful substances occur at all stations, but somewhere they are large, and somewhere smaller.

Also, when choosing a place for the construction of TPPs, you should choose a place to accommodate the ash failure, as often this requires a rather extensive territory.

Nuclear power plants can cause an indisputable negative effect on the biosphere. Already now, scientists believe that the storage of nuclear waste and the construction of new nuclear power plants very adversely affects people’s lives and often even leads to the deaths and infectations of some employees, which specifically explains the example of disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Electricity is transmitted to distances through power lines, which, in turn, occupy vast territories and affect electrical appliances and people, and although the influence on the power of power lines has not yet been fully studied, it is already clear that it is extremely negative.

Currently in Russia, measures are being taken on the rules for the use of natural resources. The production of water -cleaning equipment is expanding, as well as devices to monitor the state of the environment. Unprofitable technologies for enterprises and urban transport are being introduced.

In cities there is a transition to centralized heat supply to avoid air pollution in small boiler rooms. And to combat water pollution, reliable treatment facilities are created. It is planned to build current -distribution devices not on the surface, as they occupy large territories, but underground. Soil protection is no less important point of these measures.

Organizations involved in the prey of minerals in certain territories given to them for temporary use must at their own expense bring these territories to the state suitable for housekeeping. All these events in the future should benefit the environment and reduce the harmful influence of power plants, metallurgical plants and urban transport on the atmosphere.

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Investments in the state

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Investments in the state

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