The interior affects the psychological state of a person

The surrounding environment greatly affects human performance. Nice to work in a large, spacious, bright room. But, even if the room has not a very large area, then with the help of a competent designer, you can make a project that will effectively use the existing area. Before starting the repair, you need to know what repair quality is required. How the repair will correspond to the character of the owner of the apartment. What funds will be invested in the repair of the premises. Today, the repair of an apartment or office is divided into three types.

The interior of the modern office

This is a cosmetic, capital and repair of the European standard. Cosmetic repair only updates the room, changes the coatings on the walls and ceiling. It does not require large costs. During the overhaul, a slight redevelopment of the room, the re -equipment of plumbing, checking the heating system, water supply, etc. D. Surface plaster is produced. There is a replacement of wall, ceiling and flooring. This repair costs much more, but its quality is much higher. The most expensive is European repair. With this repair, all the latest technologies are used, new materials are used. All communications are made on a special project. All the requirements of the customer are taken into account here. Such work is only possible for a professional.

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