The interior of the children’s room

There are many different requirements for the interior of the children’s room, but first of all it should not be monotonous – avoid decorating the room with plain flowers.

All components of the interior (ceiling, walls, curtains, etc. D.) should be bright, but the child should not be tired. Add funny little things to the details of the children’s interior, like an animal figure on a cornice – this will not only decorate the baby’s room, but also contribute to the development of his attention and, perhaps, will help discover new creative abilities.

You should not litter the child’s room with toys – instead, pay attention to the presence of small items in the children’s small objects, as if borrowed from life – after all, children love to imitate the elders. Provide convenient storage for toys – these can be baskets in the form of funny animals or cartoon heroes, drawers for storing cubes, designers. More often with your child, collect toys, turning this action into an exciting game. Thus, you will lay in a child a tendency to order and responsibility.

When creating the interior of the children’s room, it should be remembered that floor and wall coatings in the room should be made of natural materials and do not contain any toxic elements. On the children’s floor, a rug with funny (for the baby) or an original (for older child) pattern will be very appropriate. Make sure that the floor in the nursery is not cold – both in the literal sense and in the figurative – the interior of the nursery should not be “overloaded” with dark and rich colors. The walls of the nursery can be painted or poured with wallpaper (ordinary or liquid). It is very convenient along the walls of the children’s room to place racks for storing toys or books, and the walls themselves can be decorated by hanging pictures on them.

The harmonious interior of the nursery is inconceivable without competent lighting – the light is very important for the development of a good vision of the baby, so the illumination of the desk zone should be optimal. Also, you can “play” a little with light, creating interesting light effects in the interior of the children’s room. For example, you can use a luminous neon thread to decorate the window opening or highlight the necessary details of the interior of the children’s room using spotlights.

Modern children begin to be aware of their individuality very early, and furniture for the children’s room, which is an obligatory element of the interior of any room, will help to emphasize it. In the catalogs of many manufacturers of children’s furniture, you can find special series and models that will surely appeal to your kids. Furniture for the nursery should be made of natural materials, it is not allowed to allocate harmful substances during operation – so when buying furniture, it will be worthless to familiarize themselves with the certificate for it. When creating the interior of the children’s room with furniture, make sure that tables and cabinets are equipped with sliding elements in which the baby could store his things is convenient and practical.

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