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The interior of the kitchen in the marine style

It is erroneous assertion that only a bathroom or bathroom can be decorated in a marine style. The kitchen design is also able to accommodate a romantic sea theme that will delight not only your households, but also guests at home.

Moreover, the result will amaze anyone, since the kitchen decorated in this way will give the room and freshness at home, bring the highlight to the home interior and extend the summer. In fact, a separate marine style does not exist, rather, it is a free interpretation of a very popular Mediterranean style today.

To arrange a kitchen interior in a marine style, you should adhere to cold colors and shades, such as blue, blue, sand, green and white. The furniture used should overlap with the walls and ceiling. Part of the details are recommended to be made contrasting, otherwise the kitchen will turn into a single spot, remotely resembling a bathroom or even a hospital ward. In the design, you can embody your memories of the summer vacation on the sunny shore, decorating the elements of the decoration with textures of pebbles and sand, drawings of fishing nets and wicker baskets.

All details should be awarded attention, including textiles, curtains and kitchen utensils. In the event that colorful curtains decorated with drawings of fish and shells seem to be overly scarlet and catchy, you can opt for more neutral patterns. The main thing is that they are combined with the sea theme. Together, all details must give integrity to the interior, make it finished, logically completed. The use of decorative jewelry is welcomed – miniature helm, globe, anchors, sea nodes, on -board magazine.

Shelves can be decorated with bottles of green glass, which allegedly contains navigations. In one bottle you can put a note from the crashed sailors, then shut it up with a cork and tie it with a rope. The thematic paintings, photos of palm trees and ancient ships will help to achieve a deeper immersion in the sea mood. Agree, because not always in the kitchen should hang up exclusively still still still still still lifes. In other words, the design of the interior of the kitchen in the marine style in your hands! It completely and completely depends on the latitude of the flight of fantasy. So let her take a complete coil!

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Investments in the state

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