The main parameters of corrugated board

And in the city and beyond, you can see the elements of building structures made using a corrugated metal sheet. It should be noted right away that this material has been used in construction for more than one year, but its popularity has not fallen at all. Moreover, manufacturers significantly expanded the line of the manufactured sheet, which can be used for various purposes, for example, to cover the roof or installation of the fence.

When buying a profiled sheet, it is advisable to know which material lies on the counter, in other words, to understand its marking. The letter H, from which the marking begins, means that this is the most durable material. This letter means that this sheet carrier. The profile, which is squeezed out on this sheet, has the maximum height of the corrugation and additional furrows that play the role of stiffness ribs. Its main use is the construction of hangars, garages and many other things. At the same time, they are used to clad walls and manufacture the structures of the gate and gates.

NS index, suggests that it is absent-witted corrugated board, like a sheet named in front of it, this one has high rigidity and is used for the same purposes as sheets with index N. The presence of the letter C – means that such a sheet is most often used for external and interior decoration of the premises. By the way, they can be installed on a frame with mounted thermal insulation. The numbers that follow in the marking of sheets indicate the thickness of the material, the height of the corrugation.

To ensure a long service of the installed sheets in the process of their manufacture, several layers of coatings are applied. We can say that this is a kind of multi -layer sandwich. A zinc coating is applied directly to the sheet, an additional anti -corrosion coating lays over it, which is closed by a primer. And the layer of polymer and protective varnish completes this composition. Some manufacturers apply powder coating. The applied coatings can be of different colors.

The sheet from which the corrugated board is made has a thickness of 0, 4 to 1, 2 mm. The width of the sheet lies in the range from 0, 7 to 1, 2 m, and the length reaches 6 meters. When installing corrugated board, it is necessary to use only the fasteners that have a rubber puck under the head. It prevents the penetration of moisture into the junction of the sheet with the bracket or with a wooden frame.

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